How to get the student discount?
A: Come on down to a Cute boutique located either in Ilica 49/up on the gallery or Hondlova street 2/1 and show us your student ID card
B: Like our Facebook page, order a Cute uniform in our webshop and leave us the following message: “I want the Cute discount for “university name” with a picture of your student ID and we will grant you the discount. :)

The student discount for all pants is 10%.
The student discount for all blouses is 15%.
The student discount for uniforms is 20%.

The discount is available all year round and can be used by all university students under the age of 27, exclusively for purchasing uniforms for personal use.

*The university student discount cannot be used on products that are already on discount. In case of purchasing that type of product, the discount that is in favor of the student is applied.
**Because of the need for special manufacturing steps, the university student discount is not applicable for products with embroidered circles, as well as products with print.
***As it is impossible to determine a student’s status, the discount for elementary and high school students is granted exclusively in boutiques located in Ilica 49 and Hondlova street 2/1.
****The student discount cannot be used for KOI uniforms.