Ali mi lahko logotip ordinacije ali podjetja postavite na delovno haljo?

Lahko to naredimo! Pri prvi izdelavi logotipa je potrebno ustvariti "program" za vez z nitjo, katerega cena je približno 15 EUR, odvisno od tega kakšen je logotip, in se plača enkratno. Apliciranje logotipa se po izdelavi "programa" plača približno 3 EUR na delovno haljo/bluzo. Pripominjamo, da personaliziranega izdelka ne moreš zamenjati ali vrniti.

Can I return the ordered product and get a refund?

You can return a product ordered online and get a refund for it. Please note that the product can be returned if you have not worn or washed it within two weeks of delivery. Items you return must be sent by registered mail and at your own expense to our address (Cute Zagreb d.o.o., Hondlova 2/1, 10 000 Zagreb). Another option is to send a courier for the items you return, and after receiving the package, we refund the amount paid less shipping costs.

We make a refund within the legal deadline of two weeks. Indicate your details in the return package. Also, send an email to [email protected] with the account number (IBAN), Cute account number and personal data of the account holder (name, surname and full address) to which we will make a refund.

How can I place the order?

The easiest way to place an order is through our web shop - in addition, you can send us an order to [email protected] or by private message on our Facebook page. For the order we need the following information: name, surname, address (street, house number, city), telephone number and method of payment, cash on delivery, general payment slip, bank transfer, internet banking

What are the payment methods?

You can pay for your web order by credit card, paying into our bank account (general payment slip / internet banking / bank transfer) of with cash on delivery.